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March 7, 2012
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foobar_ncmpcpp_mod by twnsnd foobar_ncmpcpp_mod by twnsnd
My mod of ahoka's foo_ncmpcpp skin. This mod adds some new panels, changes up some of that tags that are displayed and includes full playcount sync support. There are a few minor issues with this skin that are bugging me.. but, they should go unnoticed by most. For those who need help installing this please use the readme.

updated .fcl

Extensive FAQ

If you downloaded this before it had a readme on gist download it again. I also failed to include all of the required fonts at one point.


  • 09-03-12 | fixed an error in the script with the [+m] button

  • 11-03-12 | added more grouping options and fixed some clipping issues on the [vis] page

  • 15-03-12 | minor text fixes and pixel alignment

  • 30-03-12 | switched from Profont to ProggyTinySZ also removed all smoothing from fonts and cleaned up a few other things

  • 01-05-12 | updated readme / fixed problem with 'DARK.COLOR.3' global variable

  • 10-05-12 | added a few more grouping options for el_playlist (should be easier to add custom groupings)

Today (01-04-12) I decided to do a fresh install of foobar and follow my installation instructions to see where all of the problems in the comments were coming from. It seems like many of the problems stem from foobar being installed in non portable mode. Installing it in portable mode should fix anything strange. It is also advised to make sure that you are running foobar as an administrator.

Update: since da no longer accepts archives that contain executables I will simply link the most recent .fcl in the description.
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Question-No-154 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
How do i make it so the playlist on the left can be browsed with just one click? At the moment i have to double click the playlist to browse it and this also starts playing music from the playlist which i do not want to do.
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wewtz Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Hi, enjoying the skin so far, it's pretty great. Unfortunately I'm new to messing around with all the options in Foobar, I managed to get the desired colours, but there are multiple things I have no idea how to adjust/add.

1) My first issue is that when I play a song with multiple discs, it'll show the disc number instead of the track number. Is there a way I can get it to display both? For example, Disc #. Track # - Song name

2) My second issue is the font size, I tried adjusting it in Preferences > Colours and Fonts > Fonts, but the font size of ProggyTinySZ refuses to adjust from 9-13pt, for some strange reason it changes to 14pt, but at that point the font is too big and causes a lot of display issues.

3) I am also wondering if I can shift all the information on the right side a bit to the left.

Here's a screenshot I've uploaded a screenshot, I tried my best to point out my issues. Thanks for the help
wewtz Featured By Owner Edited Jun 30, 2014
I forgot to mention that I'm clueless when it comes to figuring out the scripts, I tried reading up on it but I guess it's something I have to dedicate more time in order to understand. I can do simple things such as changing the RGB values (thanks to the pastebin FAQ), but beyond that I'm hopeless. If you could hold my hand throughout the whole step process that'd be great. Thanks again

Edit: Good news, I've managed to shift the length of the tracks over to the left with some trial and error. Unfortunately I've run into a few problems again. I've uploaded a picture and I tried my best to point out all the issues i'm having.

1) I'm interested in having two separate columns, one which has the disc number (if there is no disc, I'm hoping it will not display anything at all and just be a blank space) and another column which has the track number.

2) Here's the problem I had when shifting the track length time. The source/genre refuses to budge any further to the left.  

Here's a pastebin of the portion of the script involving #2). (I set the value to -20, but it did not budge as I put increasingly larger negative values.

I'm also not understanding how to change the drawline to become shorter from the right side. I managed to shorten it on the left to work well with the %codec% but I am at a lost for the right side of the drawline

3) There is a small || that separates the source/genre & total track length time that I can't seem to shift to the left with the source/genre and track length. I'm not too sure where in the scripts this is, if you could point it out to me or tell me what value to change it to that would be great. 

I tried my best to explain my issues, but it's a bit hard to put into words, if you need any clarification let me know. Thanks again
MoonCh0w Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014
This may seem like a newbish type of question, I've been fiddling around with the window and I can't seem to move it. How would I go about this?
kant-r Featured By Owner May 31, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
How do I get to work?
What API key am I supposed to use? I don't understand any of that. I've typed in my username and password but the shit aint scrobblin'
bigguy999 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
I was messing around a bet and accidentally got this
any idea how to get rid of it? i can't figure out how to revert back to how it was and don't want to redownload the skin and customize everything all over again
bigguy999 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
i also can't pause with the spacebar anymore :/
Trignite Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
How do you change the width of the playlist switcher to not be as wide? I can only make it wider in splitter > playlists
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